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Mar 10

Stamp Errors Part 13 – The Mistaken Pump

On January 13, 1983, the Deutsche Bundespost issued a series of four values ​​for Berlin under the title ‘Historic Berlin Street Pumps’. It was only after the stamps’ release that the Berlin Water Works company noticed that something was wrong on one of these stamps, namely the value of 60…Read More

Mar 03

Europa Stamps 2020 – Ancient Postal Routes

The subject for the 2020 Europa postage stamps was Ancient Postal Routes, a very interesting issue for the collector. Russia produced the first example we show here. The oldest Russian regular postal service between Arkhangelsk and Moscow was launched under the rule of Peter the Great in 1693. The postal…Read More

Feb 23

Black Heritage – Part 7

Continuing with our series of articles regarding the U.S. Post “Black Heritage” series of stamps we begin with the 1979 stamp featuring Martin Luther King (born 1929 – assassinated 1968). Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Christian minister and desegregation activist, and played a leading role in the Civil Rights…Read More

Feb 17

Recently Added to Stock

PostBeeld continues daily to add hundreds of new stamps to its vast stock, hopefully with many items of interest to its customer base. Among the additions are many great examples from Liberia, Guyana, Portugal, Poland, Albania and The Maldives. Here is a small selection: Issued by Liberia in 2001 is…Read More

Feb 12

Chinese New Year

2021 is the Year of the Ox for the Chinese. Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, is probably the most important festival in China, similarly as important as Christmas to the western world. Each year, the largest human migration in the world takes…Read More

Feb 09

Global Challenge

The year 2006 was declared the International Year of Deserts and Desertification by the United Nations General Assembly. Several countries issued stamps that year in an effort to raise awareness of the problem of increased desertification in the world.  3,404 total views,  6 views today

Feb 01

Dr. Who?

In 2013 the enduringly-popular British BBC television series “Dr. Who” celebrated its 50th anniversary. And Great Britain’s Royal Mail issued many commemorative items that year, including the above booklet with portraits of the first actor to play the part of Dr. Who, William Hartnell (right) and the actor who in…Read More

Jan 29

Stamp Errors Part 12 – The Clock Strikes Six Twice

Take a close look at these USSR stamps, issued in December 1984 for the New Year celebrations, which depict Moscow’s Spasskaya Tower. The tower’s clock reads ‘5 before 12’, but the stamp’s designer made a mistake by showing six o’clock on the dial twice!  3,488 total views,  6 views today

Jan 25

Feathered Friends

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Jan 13

Stamp Errors Part 11 – Richard or Adolph Wagner?

As the second highest value of a stamp series in honour of famous musicians/composers, this stamp from Paraguay appeared on July 1, 1980 with an edition of 35,000 copies. The stamp shows a reproduction of the painting ‘Dancers, Green and Pink’ by Edgar Degas in the Metropolitan Museum of Art,…Read More

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