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Feb 28

FUNicular Railways

The oldest known funicular is in Hohensalzburg Castle, Austria and it’s known as the Reisszug. It is used to transport people and cargo from the Nonnberg nunnery to the castle. The Reisszug has been in operation since the late 15th century. It is thought that it was originally built to transport…Read More

Feb 22

Heavy Metal – Iron Maiden Honoured

In 2023 Great Britain’s Royal Mail issued yet another in its series of stamps celebrating the careers of famous British rock bands and musicians, this time featuring the “Heavy Metal” band Iron Maiden. Inexplicably to many heavy metal musicians and fans, the British band Iron Maiden has not been inducted…Read More

Feb 15

Recently Added Stamps

Here is a very small selection from the hundreds of stamps added daily to PostBeeld’s vast stock. For a better insight you are welcome to visit the company’s websites. In 2001 this beautiful stamp sheet was produced by Botswana. It is one of Botswana’s “Wetlands” stamp series. Above stamps from…Read More

Jan 24

Gnomes, Goblins and Elves

There are many postage stamps featuring imaginary characters from children’s stories and in 2002 Australia issued a stamp set showing figures from a book written for kids by Australian author John Marsden. Beginning top left we have: the Gnome; the Wizard and the Sprite. Bottom left the Bunyip – in…Read More

Jan 11


The set of four stamps issued by India in 1997 commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences in the city of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh and show two plant fossils. Professor Birbal Sahni (1891–1949) was the first Indian to revive interest in the study of Indian plant fossils.…Read More

Dec 27

Don’t Forget to Check Out PostBeeld’s Great Year End Offer – Up to 25% off Stamps up to 2nd January Inclusive

Some examples here of savings on stamp purchases in PostBeeld’s Year End sale. 75th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Charitable Society of Cundinamarca, Colombia. Mint stamps from 1944, 25% discount. In April 1941 Germans and Italians set up the Independent State of Croatia. Ante Pavelić, seen on the stamp…Read More

Dec 20

PostBeeld’s New Year Auction

The fourth monthly PostBeeld auction is underway and bidding is currently (see website) possible. It is the largest to date with over 900 lots. In this New Year auction there are once again many unique items for the specialised/passionate collector, plus many interesting items that might not normally be visible…Read More

Dec 16

Christmas Stamps

Today we feature a small selection of festive season stamps, starting with Åland’s two beautiful 2022 Christmas stamps that show a modern version of the classic gnomes. Christmas is the holiday when we send most greetings by post. The stamp illustrates gnomes on their way to deliver Christmas mail on…Read More

Dec 13

Black Heritage – Part 15

The person featured on the 2017 Black Heritage stamp was Dorothy Height (1912-2010). She fought long and hard for the rights of women, especially women of colour. Height helped to form the National Women’s Political Caucus in 1971. She was the leader of the National Council of Negro Women when…Read More

Dec 09


The year 2022 is the 90th anniversary of the founding of a company that produces one of the most popular toys enjoyed by children and adults alike. Austria saluted the anniversary with the stamp seen here. We are talking about the LEGO Group, founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen.…Read More


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