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Jul 25

Malta’s Old Buses

The origin of the Maltese bus service dates back to 1905. The buses were often owner-driven, thereby fostering a friendly rivalry leading to the heavily-customised buses endearing themselves to the public at large. Unfortunately, age took its toll on a good number of these buses thereby bringing about their replacement…Read More

Jul 12

The Orient Express

For railway enthusiasts 12 December 2009 was a sad day, as EuroNight sleeper train 469 Orient Express left Strasbourg on its final overnight run to Vienna. And so the name Orient Express disappeared from official European railway timetables after 126 years. The first stamps seen here were issued by Serbia and celebrate the 125th anniversary…Read More

Jul 01

PostBeeld’s Auctions Are Here!

PostBeeld’s Auction section is now live on its website. The Auction section features many special items not normally found in our webshop. Some examples being: The items can be viewed under the Auction heading as well as on the Thematic or Country pages in the PostBeeld web shop. All conditions…Read More

Jun 22

Wimbledon Tennis

It began with an announcement in the English leisure magazine The Field on 9 June 1877 that “The All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon, propose to hold a lawn tennis meeting, open to all amateurs, on Monday July 9th and following days”. However, women were excluded and a…Read More

Jun 14

Black Heritage – Part 14

We begin with the year 2014 in Part 14 of the Black Heritage stamp series with Shirley Chisholm (1924-2005). Known for her ability to break down long-standing barriers, she was never afraid to speak her mind and always supported the disadvantaged. She became the first black woman to be elected…Read More

Jun 07

The Stamp Designs of David Gentleman 

The 2022 Royal Mail stamp miniature sheet seen here is a compilation of various stamp issues designed by a very special man – David Gentleman, the most prolific and influential stamp designer in UK philatelic history. Below are the original stamp sets: Above, the 1965 set commemorated the 25th Anniversary…Read More

May 31

Recently Added to Stock

Here we have a small selection of items recently added to PostBeeld’s vast stock. We kick off with these se-tenant PHILEXAFRIQUE ’85 stamps from Central African Republic issued for the exhibition held in Lomé, Togo, in 1985. Great set of Cook Islands stamps from 1979 entitled “Death Centenary of Sir Rowland…Read More

May 17

A Starring Role – Observatories

The iconic stamp shown here, issued by the United States of America in 1948, features Palomar Observatory, located atop Palomar Mountain in north San Diego County, California. Conceived of nearly 100 years ago, the observatory has been in continuous scientific operation since the mid-1930s, and remains productive and relevant today.…Read More

May 03

Joint Issues

India has made many interesting collaborations with other countries regarding joint issues. In 2003 a joint issue with South Korea featured the Cheomseongdae Observatory, built during the reign of Queen Seondeok (632-647), a great landmark in Gyeongju, capital of the region of Silla. Constructed using 365 stones, symbolizing the number…Read More

Apr 07

Stamp Errors Part 18 – Vultures of Malawi

In 2018, Malawi produced a miniature stamp sheet with a major error, resulting in the withdrawal of the sheet from sale. Featuring a Vulture, and part of an issue entitled ‘Vultures of Malawi’ (see stamps below), it was missing the value and the bird’s name.  3,778 total views,  1 views today

 135,336 total views,  6 views today

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