Small selection of stamps recently added to PostBeeld’s stock:

Austria 2018, woven textile stamp with Tyrolean hat.

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Stamps from Montenegro 2008.

Naturally, the ease with which one can communicate with people worldwide via email and other modern instant messaging systems has its advantages, but these methods have caused a great decline in the act of physically writing a letter and sending the item to another person via a postal delivery service. The big question is if, and when, will the postage stamp as we know it cease to exist? And what, if any, effect will this have on the value of stamp collections in the future?

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In 1955 Hungary became the first country in the world to issue a “metal” stamp. And below you see an example. Aluminium foil glued to paper was used in the production process.

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PostNL issues a ‘Life in the North Sea’ commemorative stamp sheetlet today. This contains illustrations of plants and animals found in the North Sea region, drawn by four scientific illustrators from the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden.

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In 2010 the Dutch stamp sheet entitled ‘Lang leve het bos!’was voted the best Netherlands stamp issue of the year. It features nature to be found in woodlands and was designed by Bart de Haas.

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In the late 1970s a fascinating series of articles written by Mr. K. Kouwenberg about the history of Stamp Collecting, appeared in the Dutch magazine Philatelie. This series has been the source of inspiration for PostBeeld owner Rob Smit to rewrite the history of stamp collecting in instalments. The last instalment and this refer to the growth of stamp collecting in The Netherlands.

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1In this series, we have already seen that the stamp collecting virus had spread quickly in 1862 in Europe. But had the virus reached the Netherlands? The answer is yes, but not until the end of that year. The first philatelic article appeared in the Netherlands in October 1862 in ‘Het Nederlandsch Jaarboekje der Posterijen’ (the Netherlands Postal Yearbook). The Schiedam postmaster S. Gille Heringa had translated articles from the Magasin Pittoresque (see episode 7) written by Natalis Rondot, and entitled them: ‘Postage Stamps by Natalis Rondot, freely translated’. The series continued in the yearbooks from 1863 and 1864.

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Operation Marketgarden

…… was the title of a 1974 book and 1977 film, the main subject of which was the failed Second World War allied military campaign ‘Operation Market Garden’. September 17th is the 62nd anniversary of  that operation, which is remembered annually in Arnhem – the Dutch city where the attack took place.

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kopjeAs loyal followers of Dutch model Doutzen Kroes on Instagram  we’ spotted a post on which she shows a Dutch stamp with her likeness. Is this a possibility??

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Hyena on StampYou probably know by now that Freestampmagazine comes under the umbrella of PostBeeld, along with our other freely-offered service for stamp collectors, Freestampcatalogue. Accordingly, now and then we like to inform our readers of items recently added to PostBeeld’s already enormous and extremely varied stock.

Among recent additions is a large collection of first day covers and prestige booklets from The Netherlands.

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