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The Tortoise or the Hare?


Stamps from Montenegro 2008.

Naturally, the ease with which one can communicate with people worldwide via email and other modern instant messaging systems has its advantages, but these methods have caused a great decline in the act of physically writing a letter and sending the item to another person via a postal delivery service. The big question is if, and when, will the postage stamp as we know it cease to exist? And what, if any, effect will this have on the value of stamp collections in the future?

Bosnia and Herzegovina, I’m not quite old enough to have written letters using a quill pen and ink!

Europa stamps are special stamps issued every year by European postal authorities to promote cooperation and to highlight public awareness of the culture, history and roots shared by Europe’s population. This article features some of the many Europa stamps issued in 2008 with the theme that year being Letter Writing.

This fine stamp sheet from Spain, featuring an aerogramme.

Two booklets from Iceland.

The Azores, love the letter boat.

Attractive old letter boxes, from Italy.

Cartoon-style set from Slovenia.

And, continuing the cartoon theme, those below from Ireland (Eire).

Finally, a first day cover from The Netherlands.

Feel welcome to visit PostBeeld’s freestampcatalogue.com to view hundreds more Europa stamps on this topic and others.


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