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Jul 26

Shades of Madagascar

The set of definitives shown here was issued in 1903 by Madagascar, a French colony from 1897 to 1958. The stamps’ artwork features a Zebu (a cattle breed) a small tree and a Lemur. The tree is the ornamental ‘traveller’s tree’, Ravenala madagascariensis, the only Ravenala species of the genus Strelitziaceae. This…Read More

Jul 20

Pro Patria

Pro Patria, in Latin, means ‘for one’s country’.  The Pro Patria Association is a Swiss patriotic and charitable association whose aim is to promote Swiss National Day, which now takes place every August, and to collect funds to benefit disadvantaged groups and minorities.  Much of the money collected comes via the sale of postage stamps and…Read More

Jul 16

‘Owney’, the Postal Dog

Unfriendly dogs can often be hindrance to postmen when delivering mail and although this story doesn’t have a particularly happy ending, one medium-size mongrel’s memory lives on at America’s Smithsonian National Postal Museum in Washington D.C.  495 total views,  8 views today

Jul 13

Recently Added to Stock

Here’s a small sample of stamps from the thousands added to PostBeeld’s vast stock in the last weeks. With cancellation of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the possibility of the games taking place this year we begin with a set of stamps from 1964,…Read More

Jul 06

Paul McCartney Honoured Again!

At the end of May Royal Mail issued a set of 12 special stamps to celebrate one of the UK’s most successful songwriters and greatest music icons, Paul McCartney. The main stamp set features a selection of eight LPs which have defined Paul McCartney’s career from his first solo album ‘McCartney’ released in…Read More

Jun 07

Stamps in Stamps and the LZ-127

In 1981 Mongolia issued a set of stamps to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the German LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin airship polar flight. The special feature of the set is Arctic fauna, with the inclusion of copies of stamps issued by Germany and the Soviet Union in 1931, the year of…Read More

May 31

Black Heritage – Part 9

Continuing with our series of articles regarding the U.S. Post “Black Heritage” series of stamps we have reached the year 1994 when Allison Davis (1902-1983) was featured on the 1994 Black Heritage stamp.  1,559 total views,  8 views today

May 25

Going Cuckoo

Cuckoos are just one of around 127 species of birds that make up the family Cuculidae. These birds are mostly tropical in distribution, but some species also breed in the temperate zones. Many species are parasitic breeders, laying their eggs in the nests of other species of birds. Species of…Read More

May 17


In 2016, to celebrate the festive season, Isle of Man Post Office issued an extremely colourful set of six Christmas stamps. The attractive designs give clues to the famous stories depicted on the stamps and pay tribute to one of the great Christmas traditions in the United Kingdom – pantomime,…Read More

May 05

Yoga Stamps

The first stamp in this article has a portrait of Paramahansa Yogananda (born 1893–died 1952). He was an Indian Hindu monk, yogi and guru. He was sent by his lineage to America in 1920 to spread the teachings of yoga to the West, to prove the unity between Eastern and Western…Read More

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