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Sep 22

Supersonic Collaboration

Gibraltar produced stamps in 2019 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the inaugural flight of the supersonic aircraft “Concorde”. The Concorde was designed and built by four collaborating companies, two in the United Kingdom – British Aerospace and Rolls-Royce – and two in France, Aérospatiale and SNECMA (Société Nationale d’Étude et de…Read More

Sep 08

Hitting the Target

The amazing variety of subjects featured on postage stamps is often a source of fascination for the collector and the stamp set shown here is a prime example. I would love to know the story behind the reason the postal authority of Czechoslovakia in 1974 chose the subject of 19th…Read More

Aug 31

Stamp Errors, Part 8 – A Virgin’s Point of View

The normally careful and precise Swiss postal administration made a mistake with one of the stamps from the series “Constellations and Landscapes” which ran from 1982-86. The stamp, issued in 1983, shows what is meant to be a naked virgin representing the constellation “Virgo” above the Valais Alps and the…Read More

Aug 25

Recently Added to Stock

Below is a small selection of stamps recently added to PostBeeld’s vast stock. Stamps from Kenya (1981) commemorating the International Year for Disabled Persons and also from Kenya (1978) a set of “Road Safety” warning stamps.  1,285 total views,  39 views today

Aug 12

Black Heritage – Part 4

This is a continuation of articles featuring the U.S.A. stamp series entitled “Black Heritage”. I thoroughly recommend further research of the lives of the persons featured in this series of articles.  1,218 total views,  11 views today

Aug 05

Aussie Birds

The stamps in this 2020 Australia Post issue show six species of bird that have been officially proclaimed as emblems of an Australian state or territory. Featured in the designs are artworks from British ornithologist John Gould’s seven-volume “The Birds of Australia”, published in 1848.  1,246 total views,  13 views today

Jul 22

Dark Times

To commemorate the eclipse of the sun on 21 August 2017, Alderney Post in that year issued six special thermochromic stamps featuring six coastal locations in the world which experienced a partial eclipse.  1,606 total views,  13 views today

Jul 17


A recent issue by Swiss Post shows two images not visible to the naked eye that relate to common garden flowers. A microscopic factor of nearly 3,000x was necessary to display the invisible scenery on this stamp.  1,718 total views,  17 views today

Jul 13

Black Heritage – Part 3

Quite often when browsing stamps I come across items regarding certain people or subjects of which I previously had no knowledge. But that’s part of the fascination of stamp collecting as a hobby – it can be both intriguing and educational at the same time. This is a continuation of…Read More

Jul 07

Stamp Errors, Part 7 – Mistaken Identity

Dancer with a Bouquet of Flowers is the title of a painting by Edgar Degas shown on a stamp in a series featuring famous composers with artwork by Degas, issued by Paraguay in 1980. But some things were not quite right with the stamp! In the top right hand corner…Read More

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