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Jun 16

Stamps Recently Added to Stock

Here we have a very small selection of stamps recently added to PostBeeld’s vast stock. Please visit PostBeeld’s website for a more comprehensive view of newly-added items. In 1906 Mauritania, at that time a French Colony, issued its first postage stamps. Above we have a set of ‘Postage Due’ stamps from…Read More

May 30

Isle of Man 2023 – a Special Year

This set of four stamps feature the Isle of Man’s renowned ‘three legs’ triskelion, one of the oldest continually-used national symbols in the world. The ‘three legs of Man’ symbol can be seen everywhere on the Island, on historical buildings, coins and banknotes and commercial company branding. This is the…Read More

May 23

Alderney – Jules Verne Story Commemorated

Around the World in Eighty Days is a travel adventure novel by French author Jules Verne (1828-1905), that was published in book form in 1873. Jules Verne is often referred to as being the father of science fiction – his books are full of descriptions of incredible technological advances, many of which…Read More

May 16

Barbados, Commemorating London 1980

Barbados produced two fine and quite unique stamp minisheets for the 1980 International Stamp Exhibition held in London. As seen above, the 50 cent stamps show the uniforms that were, in 1980, the outfits worn by postwomen and postal inspectors. The 28c stamps feature a postman in uniform from earlier…Read More

May 09

Black Heritage – Part 16

Our last Black Heritage series article brought us up to the year 2019. Now we’ve reached 2023 and the 46th stamp in the series issued by America’s United States Postal Service. So we begin with 2020’s stamp that featured Gwen Ifill (1955-2016), an American journalist, television newscaster, and author. In…Read More

Apr 25

Recently Added Stamps

This set of five charity stamps shown above were issued by Italy in 1935 to benefit and commemorate the work of Benito Mussolini’s Fascist National Militia. The 20+10 cent stamp shows volunteer militia members round a ceremonial fire; 25+15c has a standard bearer; 50+30c depicts a guard at a monument; 1.25 Lire+75c features militiamen marching…Read More

Mar 28

Made in Finland

Today we highlight Finnish innovations depicted on stamps over the last 30 years. This “Made in Finland” stamp sheet contains six domestic no-value indicator stamps that showcase many Finnish innovations that were born out of a need to make daily life easier. The stamps showcase six Finnish items that are now famous internationally:…Read More

Mar 14

The Queen and the Flying Scotsman

The last set of new stamps showing the late Queen Elizabeth II’s silhouette has been issued by Great Britain’s Royal Mail. This particular feature has appeared on special stamps since 1968. The magnificent prestige stamp booklet at top celebrates the centenary of the Flying Scotsman steam locomotive. The booklet contains stamps…Read More

Mar 07

Lighthouses – a Popular Subject

Since we last featured the topic of lighthouses in 2019 there have been many great issues for the collector. Here we’ve made a selection from those produced in the three years up to and including 2022. Naturally if you visit PostBeeld’s freestampcatalogue.com website you will find many more examples. Germany…Read More

Feb 28

FUNicular Railways

The oldest known funicular is in Hohensalzburg Castle, Austria and it’s known as the Reisszug. It is used to transport people and cargo from the Nonnberg nunnery to the castle. The Reisszug has been in operation since the late 15th century. It is thought that it was originally built to transport…Read More


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