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Dec 13

Black Heritage – Part 15

The person featured on the 2017 Black Heritage stamp was Dorothy Height (1912-2010). She fought long and hard for the rights of women, especially women of colour. Height helped to form the National Women’s Political Caucus in 1971. She was the leader of the National Council of Negro Women when…Read More

Dec 09


The year 2022 is the 90th anniversary of the founding of a company that produces one of the most popular toys enjoyed by children and adults alike. Austria saluted the anniversary with the stamp seen here. We are talking about the LEGO Group, founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen.…Read More

Nov 15

Recently Added to Stock

Crypto stamps have attracted younger people to look at stamp collecting from a completely different angle and the popularity of these items has seen more countries being involved with issuing crypto stamps. Above is the first Crypto stamp. Österreichische Post AG issued the world’s first blockchain stamp on 11 June…Read More

Nov 01

Another Unusual Subject

Chimney sweeping! Who would have thought it could be the subject on a postage stamp? Part of the attraction for many collectors is the incredibly varied amount of topics to be found on stamps. The Chimney Sweeper Switzerland association celebrates its 125th anniversary in 2022. The special stamp issued by…Read More

Oct 27

Albert Schweitzer

This article focuses on a man who achieved great things in his life – Albert Schweitzer. He was born 14 January 1875 in the small town of Kaysersberg in Alsace, a town that in 1871 had become part of the German Empire in the renamed region, the Imperial Territory of Alsace-Lorraine, after…Read More

Sep 16

The Domino Effect

It is commonly thought that the game of Dominoes originated in China in the 13th Century. There is a theory that a form of the game reached Europe in the 18th century via Italian missionaries. Nowadays the game is played worldwide, both professionally and for fun. The four special stamps…Read More

Aug 30

“Sitting Helvetia”

A specialised world stamp exhibition, with FIP (Fédération Internationale de Philatélie) Patronage and FEPA (Federation of European Philatelic Associations) recognition, was held in May 2022 to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the “Sitting Helvetia”, the first perforate Swiss stamp and the first to bear the title Helvetia, still used today. organised by the Swiss…Read More

Aug 25

Bloody Mosquitoes

August 20th marks the day in 1897 when the British physician Ronald Ross confirmed that the female anopheles mosquito transmitted malaria to humans. Each year that day August is commemorated as World Mosquito Day. Dr. Ross’s research and discovery earned him a Nobel Prize for Medicine. His discovery laid the groundwork for…Read More

Aug 16

Recently Added to Stock

The artist responsible for the images on these stamps from Curacao, Mirjam Griffioen, loves to paint animals and she finds goats particularly interesting. Goats, like many other grazing mammals, have horizontal eye pupils that allow their eyes to stay level with the horizon when they bend their heads down to…Read More

Aug 03

An Unusual Subject?

Excuse my ignorance but I’d never heard of Underwater Orienteering before I came across the stamps featured here! Organised in bodies of open water over courses of various shapes and distances it is a combination of underwater diving and orienteering. The sport was developed in the Soviet Union during the…Read More

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