Niue 1999

Among the hundreds of items recently added to PostBeeld’s vast stock is a large quantity of WWF stamps, some of which are shown in this article, beginning with this minisheet from Niue featuring spectacularly colourful Nudibranchia (commonly known as sea slugs).

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Modelled on America’s “Liberty Bell”, the 10-ton “Bell of Freedom and Peace” featured on those stamps arrived at Schöneberg Town Hall (then in the Western Sector of Berlin) on October 21, 1950, having travelled from the United States via Bremerhaven and the military train station in Lichterfelde-West.

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A mint, never-hinged stamp pair issued by South-West Africa in 1936.

Below, five 1937 Edward VIII Coronation stamp pairs, South Africa.

2004 Football European Championship winners Greece commemorated by this set of four stamps.

World Wildlife Fund stamps issued by Malawi in 1978.

Butterflies, Mozambique, 2002 and 2000.

From Manama 1971, stamp sheet featuring a self-portrait of the artist Modigliani and one of his seated nude paintings.

1963, Poland, featuring reptiles.And Polish airmail definitives from 1957.

Baseball stamps issued by Curacao 2013.
This is just a small selection from the hundreds of stamps added to the website daily.

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Samuel Jones logoThe first country to allow commercial printing of advertisements on the back of its stamps was New Zealand. The year was 1893 and almost 100 ads for everything from pills, pickles, tobacco and coal to chocolates and soap, were printed on the gummed side of seven definitives featuring a portrait of Queen Victoria. Among the fascinating product offerings on the sheet below is an ad for a Christchurch dentist, S. Myers, proffering the use of nitrous oxide for painless extractions!

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Ian Fleming on stampsDay after day new postage stamps are issued depicting a variety of topics.
Below you can find a selection of these releases from the whole world.

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