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PostBeeld continues daily to add hundreds of new stamps to its vast stock, hopefully with many items of interest to its customer base. Among the additions are many great examples from Liberia, Guyana, Portugal, Poland, Albania and The Maldives. Here is a small selection:

Liberia 2001

Issued by Liberia in 2001 is this set of classic motorcycles. One big mistake here is the $30 value Rolls-Royce 1938. The motorcycle featured on the stamp is in fact a Brough Superior which was once called “the Rolls-Royce of Motorcycles”.

Liberia 2001

Two more 2001 stamps from Liberia show Kelly Chen, a Hong Kong Chinese “Cantopop” singer and actress. She has been referred to as the “Diva of Asia”.

Guyana 2018

Then from Guyana we have above butterflies (2018) and below a China World Stamp Exhibition sheet (2019) with scenes of the host city, Wuhan.

Guyana 1995

Also from Guyana is this Babe Ruth commemoration sheet encompassing great photos of the brilliant baseball player.

Guyana 1999

Then, in 1999, Guyana produced this stamp sheet with action shots of famous Chinese footballers.

Albania 1973

In 1973 Albania issued an attractive set of stamps to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus – the Polish astronomer, mathematician, physician, politician and economist.

Albania 1964

Albania 1964, animals native to that country.

Albania 1999

Also from Albania, theses 1999 stamps depict the Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus albiventris). They are the only earless seals found in tropical climates. 

The Maldives 1997

From The Maldives in 1997 we have above the plant Dichrostachys cinerea, also known as sicklebush, Bell mimosa, Chinese lantern tree or, in South Africa the Kalahari Christmas tree. Below two beautifully illustrated stamp sheets from 2000 entitled “Flowers of the Indian Ocean”.


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