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Recently Added to Stock

Niue 1999

Among the hundreds of items recently added to PostBeeld’s vast stock is a large quantity of WWF stamps, some of which are shown in this article, beginning with this minisheet from Niue featuring spectacularly colourful Nudibranchia (commonly known as sea slugs).

Mozambique 1991

Above, four stamps from Mozambique (1991) depicting Lichtenstein’s hartebeest (Alcelaphus buselaphus lichtensteinii), a subspecies of the hartebeest antelope.

Vanuatu 2011

Here we have rainbow lorikeet stamps from Vanuata. PostBeeld also has minisheets with two sets of these stamps included.

Finland 1993

The Arctic fox (alopex lagopus) is the subject of these Finnish stamps from 1993.

Cape Verde 1986

Wonderfully camouflaged reptiles from Cape Verde 1986: 8$ Vaillant’s skink (Mabuya vaillanti), 10$ Braco Island giant wall gecko (Tarentola brancoensis), 15$ Giant Wall Gecko (Tarentola gigas gigas), 30$ Cape Verde leaf-toed gecko (Hemidactylus bouvieri).

Faroe Islands 2005

Faroe Islands WWF Storm Petrel (hydrobates pelagicus) stamps issued in 2005.

Guernsey 1997

Then from Guernsey 1997 we have the Holly Blue Butterfly (18), Hummingbird Hawk-Moth (25), Emperor Moth (26) and the Brimstone Butterfly (37).

This is a small sample of the latest additions to PostBeeld’s stock of World Wildlife Fund and other topical postage stamps, all of which can be seen via the postbeeld.com website.


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