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Stamps for both the Philatelist and the Numismatist?


Try saying that after a couple of alcoholic beverages!The stamps above from Greece, the “Ancient Greek Coins” set, were issued in 1963. The 50 Leptas stamp has a coin from Syracuse 5th century B.C. featuring the nymph Arethusa surrounded by dolphins and on the reverse side a chariot). The 80L has a posthumously-issued Alexander the Great coin with the god Zeus on the back. Some of the same coins were also on stamps released by Greece in 1959.

Yugoslavia 1966, with ancient silver coins.

Below is a very attractive 1966 Qatar set of 12 Sheik Ahmad Coin stamps printed and embossed on gold or silver foil.

In a similar vein, celebrating its fifth year of independence, Sierra Leone issued these coin stamps in 1966.

Below, stamp sheet from Sri Lanka, 2001.

And while not exactly a coin on the stamp, this from Chile in 2005 depicts the Palacio de La Moneda in the country’s capital, Santiago and celebrates the building’s 200th anniversary. The production of coins in Chile took place at La Moneda from 1814 to 1929.

The top two stamps of the four shown here display coins of Taiping. Released to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Taiping peasants’ uprising in 1851. Scenes from the uprising on the two stamps below them.

And among these Bermudan definitives from 1953 are four stamps with images of early “Hogge Money” (named because of the pig that appears on the reverse of the coins) from the Sommer Islands (now Bermuda).

After the controversial creation of the independent “State of Israel” in 1948, new postage stamps and coins were issued. The definitive set of stamps below features the new coinage.

And finally, these examples from Morocco, 1969. Two tete-beche pairs. The top pair of 1-dirham airmail stamps depict a 1960 King Mohammed V coin, while the
5-dirham airmail stamp depicts a 1965 King Hassan II coin.

The history behind the coins and stamps can be fascinating, and the stamps shown in this article are just the tip of the iceberg for prospective collectors of the topic.

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