The thematic collector of mushroom/fungi stamps has an amazing choice of stamps to seek out. It is thought that there are around 10,000 known varieties of mushrooms, with experts predicting possibly thousands more undetected. Here are some fine examples of mushroom stamps:

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In 1955 Hungary became the first country in the world to issue a “metal” stamp. And below you see an example. Aluminium foil glued to paper was used in the production process.

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It’s happened before and it will happen again – postage stamps being used as a medium for propaganda.
Recently, North Korea exercised “The month of the fight against American imperialism” and also commemorated the beginning of the Korean War (1950-53).

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New postage stampsNew stamps appear regularly with a variety of subjects. Below is a selection of recently-published stamps from around the globe.

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Children Camp Stamps North KoreaNorth Korea recently issued a few stamps that caught our attention. The first, pictured here, showing a group of seemingly happy, sportily-clad children flocking admiringly around the great leader Kim Jong-un.
Such a scene on a North Korean stamp is not very unique of course – it was the text printed in the bottom right-hand corner of the stamp sheet that made us curious.

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