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Summer Camp Stamps from North Korea

Children Camp stamps North Korea

Children Camp Stamps North KoreaNorth Korea recently issued a few stamps that caught our attention. The first, pictured here, showing a group of seemingly happy, sportily-clad children flocking admiringly around the great leader Kim Jong-un.
Such a scene on a North Korean stamp is not very unique of course – it was the text printed in the bottom right-hand corner of the stamp sheet that made us curious.Children Camp stamps North Korea

On reading the text it is clear that the stamps have been issued to celebrate an international children’s camp. Called the Songdowon International Children’s Union Camp, it is subsidised by the North Korean government and aims to familiarise foreign children with the culture of the rather isolated country.
Children Camp Stamps North Korea
The camp has existed since 1960 and over the years has accommodated tens of thousands of children aged up to 15 years. The cost for a two-week stay at the camp is less than $375.
Last summer 300 children attended, including children from Russia, China, Ireland, Tanzania and Vietnam.

This video shows how much fun the children have when visiting the state-sponsored summer camp.

But does the summer camp truly depict the reality of life for children in North Korea?
According to a recent report from the United Nations, one-third of children in the country are estimated to suffer from growth disorders caused by malnutrition.
I doubt that there will be a series of stamps dedicated to this issue.

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