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Not for the first time


It’s happened before and it will happen again – postage stamps being used as a medium for propaganda.
Recently, North Korea exercised “The month of the fight against American imperialism” and also commemorated the beginning of the Korean War (1950-53).


It is clear that after all the intervening years there is still ill-feeling between the United States, which backed South Korea in the conflict, and North Korea. They are engaging in war against America – not with rockets, but with an old and much previously-used weapon: the postage stamp.

On the stamp below the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. is targeted with rockets and a machine weapon.

And this shows a fist punching an American fighter jet.

Stamps have been issued before in times of tension between the countries. In 1969 this stamp appeared on which President Nixon was depicted being attacked, presumably with fountain pens of the communist press.

Here’s a stamp from 1975, where a tough-looking North Korean farmer hits a rather strangely characterised American soldier. On the stamp is printed: “Yankee bastard”.
Perhaps this is the only stamp on which a swear word is written?

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