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Below are some examples of the hundreds of stamps recently added to PostBeeld’s vast stock.

A few attractive booklets from the Channel Islands including this from Guernsey:

Issued in 2008 to celebrate 100 years of the Model T Ford.

To commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar the island of Alderney produced this booklet in 2005:

Also in 2005, this from Guernsey:

And a nice set of insects from Jersey from 2002:

A complete mint, never-hinged 1986 Monaco yearset:

Above, Monaco 1982, featuring the football World Cup played in Spain. PostBeeld also has a 1982 Monaco year-set.

Great train sets from Republic of Guinea, 2000:

If you can spare the time, browse our various websites, you may find what you’ve been looking for elsewhere.



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