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Mar 15



I bought a fake. No, I ‘m not being ripped off, I knew that the stamps were not right, but I bought them anyway. I wanted them because I wanted to study the forgeries more closely myself. There are many different methods and types of counterfeiting. It is no exaggeration…Read More

Mar 13

New Michel North Africa catalogue

Michel North Africa 2014 edition

This week German stampcatalogue publisher Michel issued the 39th edition of number four of their Overseas catalogue which contains North Africa. Due to it’s size it’s been split up in two separate parts. This issue is part one. It was about time, since the last edition of this catalogue dates…Read More

Mar 12

Gibraltar issues stampset Europa 2014 Music

Jersey Europa Stamp 2014 Musical instruments - Banjo

Situated fourteen miles from the coast of France and measuring only 45 square miles, the Island of Jersey is fast becoming a major venue for music performances and festivals. Local artists have plenty of opportunity to showcase their talent as they join star-studded line-ups throughout the year; audiences made up…Read More

Mar 10

19th century stamp shop window

Just inside the entrance of PostBeeld’s shop in Haarlem is a recreation of a 19th century stamp shop window display. It contains a collection of old philatelic literature and accessories. It is also the private collection of PostBeeld owner Rob Smit.  8,071 total views,  1 views today

Mar 07

Top 10 famous stamp collectors


On our forum we received a good question from a reader, who asked for information about famous people known to be stamp collectors. This gave us the idea of producing a ‘Top Ten’ of famous collectors . After some research I came up with the following:  44,376 total views,  8 views today

Mar 03

Pitcairn Islands issues albatross minisheet

Pitcairn albatross stamp 2014

On February the 27th, Pitcairn issued a minisheet containing 3 stamps entitled “Albatross Giants of the sky”. These magnificent “giants of the sky” roam the southern oceans and Pitcairners are fortunateto experience the thrill of seeing these magnificent birds, mostly out at sea.  7,246 total views,  3 views today

Feb 26

Ireland issues commemorative stamp Saint Patrick’s Day

Ireland Saint Patricks Day stamp 2014

On February 20, 2014, An Post has once again issued a stamp to mark Saint Patrick’s Day, one of the world’s best-known national holidays. Everybody knows about Saint Patrick’s Day, which is named after our patron saint, Saint Patrick (c. AD 385–461). It is celebrated every year, on 17 March,…Read More

Feb 25

Classic Locomotives of Wales Stamp Set Great Britain

LMS No7720 posttage stamp

Great Britain recently added a new stampset of four to their series of “Classic Locomotives”.  Previously released were Classic Locomotives of Scotland (2012) and Classic Locomotives of Northern Ireland (2013). On the 20th of February Royal Mail issued the set “Classic Locomotives of Wales”, which features all four Classic Locomotives…Read More

Feb 24

New postage stamps Croatia from the series Children’s World – Pets

Stamp Croatia 2014 cincila

After dogs and cats on postage stamps of the series Children’s World – Pets, there are now also our four legged pets of somewhat smaller size but nonetheless lovable – rodents. Four new, fanciful postage stamps depicting hamster, guinea pig, European rabbit and chinchilla is  in circulation since February, 21.…Read More

Feb 20

Taiwan issues stamp set featuring the Swinhoe’s pheasant

Stamp Taiwan 2014 Immature young male

After kicking off the “Conservation of Birds” series in 2008 with a set of stamps on the Taiwan blue magpie, Chunghwa Post is now following up with another set of four stamps and a souvenir sheet featuring the Swinhoe’s pheasant. This issue consist out of four stamps in a block…Read More

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