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Victor Hugo literature on stampThe English Channel island of Guernsey will, on May 6th, issue the beautifully-illustrated stamp set shown below, featuring scenes taken from a book written by a famous author and political exile 150 years ago.The book was dedicated to the island of Guernsey, where the great French writer, illustrator and political activist Victor Hugo (born 1802 – died 1885) spent 15 years in exile, from 1855 until 1870. Guernsey Post has prepared for issue six stamps that depict the most original illustrations from the book, entitled ‘The Toilers of the Sea’.

The Toilers of the Sea stamps

He also completed one of his most famous works, ‘Les Miserables’, whilst living on Guernsey. In 2002 the island produced this stamp set featuring Hugo and various characters from the book and ……….

Les miserables stamp block

……… rightly proud of the association with Victor Hugo, in 1975 Guernsey Post Office issued this souvenir sheet.

Victor Hugo Block


Victor Hugo in 1876

Victor Hugo in 1876

France and many other countries have issued stamps over the years featuring Victor Hugo.

Victor hugo Stamp

An example from Russia, 1952, 150th anniversary of birth.

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