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The History of Stamp Collecting Part 12 – The First Stamp Magazine


L.E. PembertonIn the late 1970s a fascinating series of articles written by Mr. K. Kouwenberg about the history of Stamp Collecting, appeared in the Dutch magazine Philatelie. This series has been the source of inspiration for PostBeeld owner Rob Smit to rewrite the history of stamp collecting in instalments. This is Part 12 – The First Stamp Magazine.

Given the rapid development of philately in 1862, it was certain that a magazine dedicated exclusively to stamp collecting would appear quite soon.


In the summer of 1862 Thomas William Kitt placed an ad in “Boy’s Own” magazine indicating he intended to publish a stamp magazine and was looking for employees. The plan never got off the ground. Thomas Kitt said later that he received numerous responses, but especially requests for information rather than promises to co-operate. Kitt didn’t risk going forward with the venture.

Among those who corresponded with Kitt following the advertisement were A. Perris and E. Moore of Liverpool. They dared to go forward with the idea of a stamp magazine, and on December 15, 1862, the first issue of “The Monthly Advertiser”appeared. Rather a general title but focused exclusively on stamp collectors. Thomas Kitt finally also contributed to this magazine as well as L.E. Pemberton (see portrait top of this article) and, also seen in Part 9 of this series, Frederick W. Booty.

From the third number ownership was transferred to the Publisher E. Moore & Co., and the title was changed to “The Stamp Collectors’ Review and Monthly Advertiser”.

But the magazine had a short life. In June 1864, after 19 publications, the magazine was discontinued.


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