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Jul 09

Mike Myers on Canadian stamp

Mike Myers on stamp Canada

Canadian Post announced the first stamp to be issued in a set honoring Canadian comedians will be of Mike Myers. The nondenominated (85¢) Mike Myers permanent-rate stamp was unveiled June 1 on the CBS Sunday Morning show during an interview about the documentary Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon, which…Read More

Jul 03

Listing of Michel Stampcatalogues

Michel Stamp Catalogue

In about every two months, German catalogue publisher Schwaneberger Verlag, comes up with new Michel Stampcatalogues. Because of the variety of different Michel stampcatalogues that exist, we made a clear overview of Michel catalogues with the date of issue. Also for the upcoming releases!  9,306 total views,  1 views today

Jun 28

Remembering World War I centenary

Exactly 100 Years ago today, Austro-Hungarian archduke and heir apparent Franz-Ferdinand arrived at the station in Sarajevo for an official visit. The first activity on the programme was an inspection of the military barracks. At around 10:00 am the motorcade left the barracks and made way for the town hall.…Read More

Jun 26

420-year-old Lighthouse


The Brandaris Terschelling is a national treasure. The Brandaris, a lighthouse on the island of Terschelling, off the north coast of Holland, is the oldest in the Netherlands and is 420 years old. Holland’s PostNL had a special reason to issue a stamp recently featuring this iconic tower, as last…Read More

Jun 25

Taiwan Post issues Railway stampsheet

Hitachi 8-car 130 km/h tilting trains on postage stam,ps

The souvenir sheet contains three stamps depicting the Hitachi 8-car 130 km/h tilting train. In 2008 the ROC government began electrifying the Hua-tung Railway in order to raise transportation efficiency so as to speed up economic development in Eastern Taiwan. To accommodate with this project, the government also graded it…Read More

Jun 18

One-cent British Guyana sold for US$9.5 million

world's rarest stamp, British Guiana one-cent magenta stamp, expected to fetch $20m at auction

The one-cent magenta from British colonial Guyana, sold for a world record US$9.5 million at a New York auction on Tuesday. It took just two minutes for an anonymous collector on the phone to seal the deal after quick-fire bidding opened at US$4.5 million in a packed room at Sotheby’s…Read More

Jun 12

The world’s first postal stationery

Ireland-born artist William Mulready was the first person to illustrate postal stationery. Postal stationery is classed as a document on which the proof of advance payment is shown by the placing of a stamp or a postmark. The piece shown – a stamped, foldable letter card, appeared at the same…Read More

Jun 05

Engraver Extraordinaire

The Reading Magdalene by William Humphrys

(See also article published on May 5th ‘First African Stamps’) William Humphrys was born in Dublin in 1794. At an early age he moved to the United States. There he studied engraving techniques under the tutelage of a Mr. George Murray in Philadelphia. In 1815 he embarked on his career…Read More

Jun 03

Paterson’s Bush Ballads on Australian Stamps


The Australian Post issued a set of four stamps in honour of writer Banjo Paterson. Poet, journalist, editor and solicitor, Andrew Barton “Banjo” Paterson is arguably Australia’s master balladeer. The late 19th and early 20th centuries were the peak of this popular verse form in Australia.  12,233 total views,  4 views today

May 21

Great British Film Stamp Set


Great Britain’s Royal Mail has very recently issued a stamp set in celebration of its home-grown film industry. It features six classic British films that have enjoyed worldwide success since the Second World War.  8,833 total views,  1 views today

 132,069 total views,  5 views today

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