Seventy Candles for Freddie

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Freddie MercuryUndoubtedly there will be some Queen fans today who commemorate singer Freddie Mercury today because he would have turned 70 this day.
Mercury was born Farrokh Bulsara on 5 september 1946 in Stonetown in what was then Zanzibar.
He grew up to become the flamboyant performer of the band Queen. Between 1970 and 1991 they recorded 18 number one albums.

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November this year it’s also 25 years ago that the singer died of AIDS.

In his youth Freddie collected stamps for a while as you may know from our previously published article ‘Top 10 famous stamp collectors‘.

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His collection will be on display together with John Lennon’s at the Stampex in London (14-17 september).

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One thought on “Seventy Candles for Freddie

  1. Peter Darvill. England

    Although I am now 80 years of age, I still greatly miss his music

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