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Sep 25

Stamp Wars

Btampwars Bolivia (Chaco War)

Believe it or not, wars have been fought between countries over postage stamps! Although it has been quiet on the stamp front in recent decades, we only have to go back to 1932 for a real stamp war. This occurred in a then rather volatile South America, specifically between Paraguay…Read More

Sep 22

Swarovski Stamps?

We all know that stamps are printed on special paper. This can be with or without a watermark, with phosphor or fluorine, with special printing inks and gummed or adhesive. Sometimes plastic or other material is used instead of paper to make stamps.  But what about the special stamps issued…Read More

Aug 28

New stamps

Algeria stamp

Almost on a daily basis new stamp-issues are being released worldwide. We at Freestampmagazine see a lot of new stamps every day and have decided to make a selection of nice stamps that we spotted. Today we will highlight some of the most recent stamp issues from different countries in…Read More

Aug 20


Stamps Samos Turkey

Sometimes philately can provide you with a mystery. Take this stamp for example. What kind of stamp is it, and what is the significance of the “Samos Turkey 1926” imprint? Nowadays it is very handy that you can enlist the aid of a specialised association to help your investigation –…Read More

Aug 12

1914 For King and Empire

Lord Kitchener on stamp

At 3pm on 5 August 1914, an audience of around 15,000 huddled together in front of the steps of parliament. The crowd excitedly cheered as the Governor, Lord Liverpool stepped forward from a group of his peers. As he made the announcement, you could feel the crowd’s sparks of excitement…Read More

Jul 30

First car on a postage stamp was an electric

The first carstamp

The first stamp on which an automobile was pictured is Michel #134 (Scott #296) of the United States from 1901. It was issued for the Pan-American World Exposition, held in Buffalo, New York. The automobile pictured is a so-called Electric Service Vehicle, something we would nowadays call a taxi.  10,375 total…Read More

Jul 28

The First World War 1914

Poppy Stamp Wordl War I

On July 28th, exacly 100 years after the outbreak of World War I, Royal Mail issues a set of six stamps which commemorate this historical event. These evocative stamps represent the six series themes of Poppy, Poetry, Portraits, War Art, Memorials and Remembrance and Artefacts. The cameo head of The…Read More

Jul 16

The Tour de France on Stamps

This month the 101st Tour de France started in Leeds, England. This is the forth time the Tour de France has stages on British soil. Various countries have issued stamps on cycling in general and the Tour de France specifically.  10,673 total views,  1 views today

Jul 14

The Netherlands and Beyond: Japan

Grenzeloos Nederland 2014

Every year, PostNL issues a set of stamps entitled ‘The Netherlands and Beyond”. This year’s stampset spotlights and celebrates Japan, a country with which the Netherlands has enjoyed close ties for many centuries. Starting out as trading partners, the two countries have seen their relationship flourish over the years into…Read More

Jul 09

Mike Myers on Canadian stamp

Mike Myers on stamp Canada

Canadian Post announced the first stamp to be issued in a set honoring Canadian comedians will be of Mike Myers. The nondenominated (85¢) Mike Myers permanent-rate stamp was unveiled June 1 on the CBS Sunday Morning show during an interview about the documentary Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon, which…Read More

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