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More to the Isle of Man than motorcycle racing


kopjeThe unique Snaefell Mountain Railway, built during 1895, is located on the eastern coast of the Isle of Man, running from the village of Laxey to the summit of Snaefell, the only mountain on the Island.
The line still operates with the majority of its original Victorian rolling stock in daily seasonal use.

There is also the Manx Electric Railway, an electric tramway connecting the towns of Douglas, Laxey and Ramsey. It connects with the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway at its southern terminus at Derby Castle at the northern end of the promenade in Douglas, and with the Snaefell Mountain Railway at Laxey. The line is undulating and passes through areas of scenic beauty. This originated in1893.
Two of the three cars that opened the line in 1893 are still in use, and are the oldest electric trams at work on their original line in the world.

Above, 1993 Isle of Man stamp booklet.
In 1957 both railways were acquired by the Isle of Man Government.

Below, 1988 railways and tramways definitives.


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