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I want to ride my bicycle


kopjeFollowing the recently published Freddie Mercury article and having just heard the Queen song ‘Bicycle Race’ on the radio, I sought out some Bicycle-themed stamps.
And there are hundreds!
Without doubt one of man’s greatest inventions, it is estimated that there are more than a billion bicycles in the world. Over 100 million bicycles are produced every year. China, India, the European Union, Japan and Taiwan manufacture 87% of the total amount. Almost 86% of bicycles sold in the United States are imported from China.

But, having lived in The Netherlands for some years, it is plain to see the importance of cycling. Incredibly, around 99% of the 17 million population of the country are cyclists. And recent statistics show that 27% of all trips in the Netherlands are made on bikes – and a quarter of all trips to work.


We begin with some of the first bicycle designs, such as the ‘Penny Farthing’ shown above on the 1992 Tanzania stamp.

Interesting developments on 1999 Andorra, Spanish Post stamps and from Togo, 1978, below.



And from the German Federal Republic, 1985.


Stamp set featuring cycle design progress from Bulgaria 2009



Some children’s bikes, among othere, on 1988 Vietnam definitives.


Bicycle manufacturing set from South Africa (Ciskei) 1986 above.

Couldn’t end without some cycle sport stamps, such as:

1986, Tour of Romania stamp


Attractive artwork, USA 1996


From Latvia, 2013, BMX


World Cyclo-Cross Championship, Italy 1979


And, arguably, the greatest race in the World – The Tour de France, naturally, with stamps from France 2013


And, celebrating the Centenary of the race


If this is one of your topics, check out PostBeeld’s stock as there are hundreds more bicycle/cycling stamps.


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