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Oh we do like to be beside the seaside


postcardCommonly recognised for having a particular sense of humour, one British institution – the ‘saucy postcard’ – was in 1994 celebrated by the issuance of a set of stamps by Royal Mail to commemorate 100 years of the genre. Guaranteed to be found at virtually every coastal resort in Britain, their popularity never seems to wane.


Some of the popular-with-the-public images produced by various illustrators were deemed to be too rude or too explicit and consequently were not chosen to feature in the 1994 stamp set. One thing is certain – over the years the postcards have produced lots of laughs!


A company in Yorkshire, Bamforth, has been successfully producing ‘saucy’ postcards for more than 100 years. And there is even a museum on the Isle of Wight dedicated to Donald McGill, one of the most famous illustrators, who created over 12,000 postcards from 1904 till his death in 1962.

Donald McGill
Donald McGill





If you want a good giggle and are not easily offended, check out Great Britain’s saucy postcards.


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