The recent problems at the Oroville Dam in Northern California, which caused more than 180,000 people to be evacuated from their homes, have highlighted the danger of living in the downstream vicinity of a major river dam. Though damming projects can be extremely controversial, architecturally they are often attractive. As a topic there are many dam stamps, some of which are included below.

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The Nicaraguan Mt Momotombo 5c blueOkay, it doesn’t yet exist. But had the Nicaraguan Post not made a mistake in issuing a certain stamp, it may well have been in place for a hundred years! Although building is due to start shortly on a new canal linking the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, if the Nicaraguan Postal authorities hadn’t produced a graphically-exaggerated stamp in 1900, the canal might have already been in existence for a hundred years.

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Michel North Africa 2014 edition_This week German stampcatalogue publisher Michel issued the 39th edition of number four of their Overseas catalogue which contains North Africa. Due to it’s size it’s been split up in two separate parts. This issue is part one. It was about time, since the last edition of this catalogue dates back to 2009, so a lot of changes have been made to its contents. See all changes in this article.

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