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New Michel North Africa catalogue

Michel North Africa 2014 edition

Michel North Africa 2014 edition_This week German stampcatalogue publisher Michel issued the 39th edition of number four of their Overseas catalogue which contains North Africa.
Due to it’s size it’s been split up in two separate parts. This issue is part one.
It was about time, since the last edition of this catalogue dates back to 2009, so a lot of changes have been made to its contents. See all changes in this article.


– New mumbering of Egypt from 1958
– Editorial revision of the complete catalogue
– First edition with high definition picures
– Handy new format with clear and modern layout
– Treasure trove for topical stamnp-collectors and collectors of classical stamps.
– Complete revision of minimum prices
– Including “treasure box” with international auction results
– Many price-changes  (for example French Colonies and their successor states)
– New issues until 3-2014

Michel North Africa 2014 edition


Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Djibouti (including Obock, Frz Somali coast, Afars and Issas), Eritrea Italian Colonies Italian East Africa, Libya (with Tripolitania, Cyrenaica, Fezzan, Ghadamès), Morocco (with Ifni, Cape Juby, Tangier), Somalia (with Somaliland, Djubaland) Spanish Sahara (with La Agüera, Rio Oro) , Spanish West Africa, Sudan, South Sudan and Tunisia, from its beginnings to the present.


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