Michel catalogue Every year, at different times, new stamp catalogues are issued. Not only from Michel but also Yvert, the latter with new geographical classification. Besides these big world catalogues, appearing this year are the Facit (featuring Nordic countries) and Sakura (Japan-specific) catalogues. This year Michel also publishes its Overseas catalogues (published every few years). You are assured of many new additions. Michel’s annual Europe catalogues have naturally incorporated all new issues. Additionally, Michel has also this year a variety of Motif catalogues.

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Michel Stamp cataloguesWe have added many more Michel Overseas Catalogues to our extensive existing list, which includes catalogues for Europe as a whole, and some for individual countries (e.g. Germany, Luxemburg, Great Britain, U.S.A. and Russia) and various Topics.

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new stampcataloguesIn the past month, a lot of new stampcatalogues have been issued. We have made a selection of some major stampcatalogues issued by Yvert and Michel and inform you about their content in this article.

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Michel North Africa 2014 edition_This week German stampcatalogue publisher Michel issued the 39th edition of number four of their Overseas catalogue which contains North Africa. Due to it’s size it’s been split up in two separate parts. This issue is part one. It was about time, since the last edition of this catalogue dates back to 2009, so a lot of changes have been made to its contents. See all changes in this article.

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