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Well I’ll be Dammed!


The recent problems at the Oroville Dam in Northern California, which caused more than 180,000 people to be evacuated from their homes, have highlighted the danger of living in the downstream vicinity of a major river dam.
Though damming projects can be extremely controversial, architecturally they are often attractive. As a topic there are many dam stamps, some of which are included below.

Starting with one of the most controversial projects in recent years – China’s Three Gorges Dam – stamp issued by Micronesia in 2010.
Also China, 1964 stamps depicting construction of the Hsinanking Dam.
1993, Central African Republic, M’Bali Dam.
Soviet Union 1951.
The Sariyar Dam, Turkey 1956.
Baygorria Dam, Uruguay stamps, 1958.
100-year anniversary stamp, Germany 2013, the Mohnetal Dam.
Aswan Dam, Egypt, 1971.
The Sultan Mahmud Dam in Malaysia, stamps from 1987.

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