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PostBeeld continues daily to add hundreds of new stamps to its vast stock, among some of the new additions is a great amount of British Commonwealth stamps. The first examples show the profile of Queen Victoria on stamps from Trinidad, issued in 1883.

Cyprus 1948

Here we have some examples produced in 1948 to commemorate the Silver Wedding anniversary of Britain’s King George VI and Queen Mary.

St. Lucia 1948
Singapore 1948
Oman, overprints 1948

Below is a fine set of airmail stamps from Papua, showing the harbour at Port Moresby, issued in 1938 – 50 years after the British took possession of Papua.

Malta 1956

Above is a 17-value set of definitives from Malta, 1956.

Egypt 1933

The above 1933 Egyptian stamps were released to mark an International Aviation Congress held that year in Cairo. The 5 and 10 Mills stamps feature an Armstrong Whitworth AW15 four-engined Atalanta aircraft owned by Imperial Airways and designed specifically for its African routes. The 13 and 15 values depict a Dornier Do X flying boat, produced by the German company in 1929. It was then the largest, heaviest, and most powerful flying boat in the world. The 20 Mills shows the Graf Zeppelin airship, which had stopped in Egypt on a flight over the Middle East in 1931.

Ukraine/Carpathia 1945
Ukraine 1945

Ukraine, which before 1991 was part of the Soviet Union, issued the above stamps in 1945 – the year the Republic was admitted to the United Nations.

Cuba 2015

These Cuban stamps were produced in 2015 to commemorate the 125th anniversary of ‘the catastrophe of Isasi’. On the evening of May 17, 1890 a fire broke out at the Isasi Hardware Store in Old Havana where flammable substances, such as gunpowder and dynamite, had been illegally stored. Twenty-five firefighters were among the thirty-eight people who lost their lives at the scene.

Belgium 2018

And what about this delicious set of fruity stamps from Belgium. The above is a small selection from items recently added to PostBeeld’s vast stock.


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