Among the thousands of stamps recently added to PostBeeld’s ever-increasing stock are some nice stamps for the thematic collector interested in railway stamps and, in particular, stamps featuring railway stations.

This stamp is the station at Maryborough, Victoria – built in 1890 of red brick with stucco edging and an attractive clock tower. This magnificent station boasts one of the longest platforms in the southern hemisphere and still provides freight and passenger services. American author Mark Twain visited Maryborough in 1895 and was most impressed by the town’s grand railway station. 

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Taiwan-Trains-on-stampsThe souvenir sheet contains three stamps depicting the Hitachi 8-car 130 km/h tilting train. In 2008 the ROC government began electrifying the Hua-tung Railway in order to raise transportation efficiency so as to speed up economic development in Eastern Taiwan. To accommodate with this project, the government also graded it from a single track to double tracks at sections where there were bottlenecks and undertook to straighten its route. The project is expected to be completed in 2014.

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Children stamp TaiwanIn the follow-up to the popular “Children at Play Postage Stamps (Issue of 2013)” issued on April 2, 2013, Chunghwa Post is releasing another five-stamp set in the same vein, each with a denomination of NT$5.

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A collection of stampsI  once knew an eccentric philatelist who wanted something special: a collection of all the countries of the world, past and present, with a single postage stamp for each country. If the name of the country changed then that had to be taken into account, e.g. one stamp from Ceylon and therefore one from its successor Sri Lanka. It appears that such a collection is easy to obtain, but appearances can be misleading. After all, what is a country?

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Swinhoes Pheasant stamps Taiwan 2014 After kicking off the “Conservation of Birds” series in 2008 with a set of stamps on the Taiwan blue magpie, Chunghwa Post is now following up with another set of four stamps and a souvenir sheet featuring the Swinhoe’s pheasant. This issue consist out of four stamps in a block with a souvenir sheet.

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