Among the thousands of stamps recently added to PostBeeld’s ever-increasing stock are some nice stamps for the thematic collector interested in railway stamps and, in particular, stamps featuring railway stations.

This stamp is the station at Maryborough, Victoria – built in 1890 of red brick with stucco edging and an attractive clock tower. This magnificent station boasts one of the longest platforms in the southern hemisphere and still provides freight and passenger services. American author Mark Twain visited Maryborough in 1895 and was most impressed by the town’s grand railway station. 

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Danish Red Cross stampIssued in 1966 by Denmark as Red Cross and Red Crescent charity stamps, they have the title in Latin “PER HUMANITATEM AD PACEM” (Through Humanity Towards Peace), the motto of the organisation, which was founded in 1919. Nowadays the slogan “Protecting Human Dignity” has been adopted and is more commonly used.

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