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Typically Dutch Update

Netherlands 2023
Netherlands 2023

This stamp set was issued by the Dutch postal service postnl in 2023 and entitled ‘Typically Dutch’. The images seen on the sheet show: a vase with tulips, a carrier pigeon with a letter, a carrier bicycle with plants, a coffee pot and cup with a half-eaten stroopwafel (very sweet cookie), a lighthouse, a herring, canal-side house facades, a whipped-cream cake. a caravan and a cheese board. Five of the 10 images are also used on the stamps for international destinations shown below: the herring, the vase with tulips, the lighthouse, carrier pigeon and coffee pot with cup and cookie.

Netherlands 2023

The designs were hand drawn by artist Sanny van Loon. The illustrations are in the middle of the stamps, against a background with diamonds or stripes in different shades of turquoise. On the stamps above the destination International has been added to the left side of the stamp. The stamps for domestic use have a gold-yellow perforated border. The border of the International stamps is dark blue. These are the successors to the white-blue 3D icons stamps seen below, which have been in use since 2014.


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