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PostBeeld’s New Year Auction

The fourth monthly PostBeeld auction is underway and bidding is currently (see website) possible. It is the largest to date with over 900 lots. In this New Year auction there are once again many unique items for the specialised/passionate collector, plus many interesting items that might not normally be visible in our webshop.
Great Britain 1840 – Plate 1A
Reverse side of 1840 Penny Black – Plate 1A
The auction starts with a fine copy of the 'Penny Black', the very first stamp, but there are more interesting British Commonwealth lots.

Sarawak 1950
Switzerland 1939
Furthermore, a very extensive unique collection of Swiss soldiers' mail, divided into dozens of lots (found on the early and later pages on the website's Auction section). Much postal stationery, local mail, surprising thematic items (including a nice collection of first day covers and postcards featuring wines/wineries) and lots based on franking value. But if you look closely you will find many other special and unusual things.
Switzerland 1940
Netherlands 1867
Various special items from the Netherlands and overseas (including above, an unused copy 3rd issue 50 cents, NVPH number 12), many city stamps, personal stamps, letters and postal stationery.
Netherlands test stamps 1936, Shirley Temple
Netherlands Railway stamps 1930
PostBeeld's auctions have an automatic bidding system that makes it easy to place your bids in advance (see the explanation in our auction conditions).

Every month there will be a new auction. Auctions will take place on the 1st day of the month from 14:00 Central European Time. Bids are possible from the 16th of the previous month, but lots can be viewed earlier on the website. Thus the following auction will be on the 1st of February.


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