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Aland 2022

Today we feature a small selection of festive season stamps, starting with Åland’s two beautiful 2022 Christmas stamps that show a modern version of the classic gnomes. Christmas is the holiday when we send most greetings by post. The stamp illustrates gnomes on their way to deliver Christmas mail on Åland, guided by the Sälskär lighthouse, in the northwestern archipelago of Hammarland, north of the main island of Åland.

Netherlands 2022

The Netherlands’ contribution this year has 10 stamps designed by illustrator Miriam Bos. Her nostalgic design has drawings full of cheerful scenes in bright colours. Each stamp tells a personal story about Christmas and the month of December.

Sweden 2022

Sweden’s issue also consists of 10 stamp with winter scenes, most of which show children enjoying outdoor activities. Artwork by Sabina Wroblewski Gustrin.

Latvia 2022, Photo Latvijas Pasts

Then from Latvia, with a gnome theme.

Estonia 2022

From Estonia, designer M. Balbat, children dressed as Christmas angels.

New Zealand 2022

New Zealand chose various Christmas icons with greetings in Maori.

Great Britain 2022

And Great Britain’s first bar-coded Christmas stamps represent the bible story of the birth of Jesus.

Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands stamps feature an Advent wreath and Christmas tree with candles.

Belgium 2022

Then a different take on Christmas from Belgium, two snow globes featuring a snowman and a snowy town scene.


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