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In 2015 Poland Post issued a postage stamp featuring a particular regional product of the country – cheese. The stamp above has a Korycinski cheese, named after the town of Korycin in Poland. It is thought to be the oldest polish ‘yellow’ cheese.

On the 2017 Bosnia and Herzegovina stamp below is Travnik cheese, which boasts a long tradition, produced exclusively in the region of Mount Vlasic. It is produced using local-breed sheep (Pramenka) and cow (Busa) milk, and the rennet is made according to a secret recipe.

In 2011 Italy issued a four-stamp set with some of its famous cheeses. Top left Parmigiano Reggiano, top right Mozzarella Bufala Campano, bottom left Ragusano and bottom right Gorgonzola.

Similarly, Portugal featured its cheeses on stamps in 2010. From top left to right: Rabacal, Cabra Transmontano, Serra de Estrela, Sao Jorge and Azeitao.

The stamp above was a part of a Europa series with gastronomy as the theme. It is from Lithuania (2017) and shows a popular cheese which is seasoned with coarse salt, chopped garlic or caraway seeds. The stamp depicts a caraway plant along with the cheese.


Aland, an autonomous region of Finland, featured Kastelholm cheese on the 2013 stamp shown above. It takes its name from the only medieval castle in Aland, situated in Lund. The photograph used on the stamp was taken within Kastelholm castle.  Världen (the world) is printed on stamps for priority mail to international destinations.

This was part of a 1989 four-stamp set from Great Britain. It shows Stilton, Cheddar and Gloucester cheeses.

The Cheese Dairy of the Monastery Schlierbach shown on the 2017 Austrian stamp above was founded in 1924.  The cheese recipe that is the base of the Schlierbacher Schlosskäse was brought from the Benedictine Abbey St. Ottilien in Germany to the Cistercian Monastery Schlierbach.


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