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Going Wild in New Zealand


The beauty of New Zealand is undisputed by those fortunate enough to have visited the country. Indeed, in 2010 NZ Post issued a lovely 25-value mini-sheet depicting some of the highlights to be seen on the country’s North and South Islands. The sheet is entitled “A Slice of Heaven”.

If you look closely at the colourful sheet, you’ll discover famous city attractions such as Auckland’s Sky Tower, Wellington’s Cable Car, and Christchurch’s Cathedral. And the natural beauty of New Zealand can be seen on the stamps showing the thermal wonderland of Rotorua, the alpine resort of Queenstown, and others featuring part of NZ’s stunning coastline.

On closer study of the landscape seen on the stamps, you’ll find rural New Zealand in the form of farms, vineyards, local sports, holiday spots and Maraes (Maori meeting places). If you follow this link https://stamps.nzpost.co.nz/new-zealand/2010/slice-heaven NZ Post have listed all the places and items to be found on the stamp sheet. You could have hours of fun trying to find them.

As for gastronomy, in 2004 New Zealand issued three stamps showing three plates of ‘wild’ food that can be had on the islands.

The top stamp has three “Mountain Oysters” – for the unititiated deep-fried sheep testicles. In the middle we have ‘Huhu Grubs’, the cooked larvae of the Huhu beetle (prionoplus reticularis), purported to taste like buttery chicken! And the bottom stamp has a plate of ‘Possum Pâté’.

The theme for the stamp set at the top of the article has been seen in previous years. Below we have from 2009 a ‘Tiki Tour’ of New Zealand sheet (tiki being the vernacular for a close look/inspection).


Another Tiki Tour sheet from 2012.

Then in 2017 there was ‘The Great Kiwi Road Trip’ 14-piece sheet.

Finally this, also wonderfully illustrated Classic Travel Posters sheet of 20 stamps produced in 2013.


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  1. Fascinating story, I didn’t realise they had issued that many whole country sheets. (None when I was there in 16).
    Unfortunately your sheet images are too small to be able to see any detail. It would be better if they were clickable links to larger ones as they are on Blogspot blogs like my own. (blog.norphil.co.uk)

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