indonesia Stamp Year-programme 2014

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Indonesia stamps
Date Description Topic Type
09.01.2014 General Election, 2014 Democracy Special
15.01.2014 Year of the Horse Astrology Special
01.02.2014 Portrait Frame Portrait Frame Personalsed
09.03.2014 Indonesia’s Traditional Musical Instruments Culture Special
01.04.2014 150th Anniversary of the 1st Indonesian Stamp History Commemorative
21.04.2014 Indonesian Prominent Ladies History Special
02.05.2014 Early Age Education provide Life Long Learning Education Special
15.07.2014 Indonesian Seabirds and Costal Birds Endangered Special
07.08.2014 Philakorea Seoul, 2014 Exhibition
26.08.2014 Postal Service Definitive
31.08.2014 125th Anniversary of Paleoanthropology History Commemorative
08.09.2014 Calendar and Indonsian Traditional Scripts Culture Special
05.10.2014 KRI Dewa Ruci Voyager Mission History Special
05.11.2014 Love of fauna and flora fauna and flora Special
01.12.2014 World Youth Stamp Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur Exhibition
03.12.2014 Bridges Landmarks Special

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