Belarus Stamp Year-programme 2014

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Belarus Stamp year-programme 2014
Date Description Info
Jan.2014 Postcrossing 1 value
Jan.2014 Decorative Art 2 values
06.02.2014 100th Birthday Arkadiy Kuleshov 1 value
07.02.2014 22th Winter Olympics Sochi 1 block
Mar.2014 Winter Sports 1 value
Mar.2014 Bird 1 value
Apr.2014 EUROPA: National Musical Instruments 2 values
Apr.2014 Joint Issue Belarus-Russia-Ukraine:
70 Years liberation of the Nazis
May.2014 Ice Hockey World Championships 1 value
June.2014 Biotopes of Belarus: Bog block
June.2014 Theatres of Belarus 2 values
July.2014 Invasive plants of Belarus, Plants 2 values
Aug.2014 International Farm Year 1 value
Aug.2014 “Kontusz Sash” Traditional Dress 1 value
Aug/Sep.2014 Coats of Arms 2 values
07.11.2014 75 Years National Art Museum 1 value
Nov.2014 New Year/Christmas 2 values

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