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Isle of Man 2023 – a Special Year

Isle of Man 2023

This set of four stamps feature the Isle of Man’s renowned ‘three legs’ triskelion, one of the oldest continually-used national symbols in the world. The ‘three legs of Man’ symbol can be seen everywhere on the Island, on historical buildings, coins and banknotes and commercial company branding. This is the first Isle of Man stamp issue to feature the monogram of King Charles III, Lord of Mann. The Sovereign’s monogram, consisting of the initials of the monarch’s name, Charles, and title, Rex – Latin for King, is shown beneath a representation of the Crown.

Isle of Man 2023

The stamp booklet above commemorates a century of Manx racing on the Isle of Man Mountain Course. The stamps were created in collaboration with author David Wright and local graphic designer and illustrator Tracey Dean. The Manx Grand Prix, or MGP, as it is now known, was originally a single race named the Amateur Motorcycle Championship aimed at amateur riders, as opposed to the mostly professional riders who competed in the Tourist Trophy (TT) races on the same world-famous 37¾-mile Isle of Man Mountain Course. 

Isle of Man 2023

Waterfalls are the subject of this 2023 issue. These stamps feature, in order of value high to low, the spectacle of the long narrow ribbon of the Rhenass Falls; Glen Maye; in a secluded inland location on the west coast is the Spooyt Vane (White Spout), the highest waterfall on the Island, at around 50 metres (164 feet); the Inneen Vooar (the Big Girl) is one of the highest falls on the Island at over 40 metres (130 feet); the Laxey Quarry Falls and on the Island’s east coast Ballaglass Glen.

Isle of Man 2023

The six stamps above showcase the works of Isle of Man-based artist Michele Tramontana. A key member of the Manx art scene, Michele has lived on the Island for over 50 years. The top row of 80p stamps featuring the artist’s watercolour paintings are entitled Still Waiting, Sun Setting Peel and Douglas Harbour. Below, left to right are Low-tide Castletown, Ramsey Upper Harbour and Sun Setting Port Erin.



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