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Angola 2019

There are approximately 30 to 40 recognised cat breeds and the cat is one of the most popular household pets. This article features some cat breeds portrayed on stamps over the three-year period 2019-2021. We begin with 2019 Angola stamps showing (left to right) the Russian Blue, Siamese, Japanese Bobtail and Egyptian Mau breeds.

Kyrgyzstan 2019

Then in 2019 Kyrgyzstan issued an attractive cat stamp sheet. The 50 som value has a Scottish Fold, the 100 som a Siberian cat and the 150 som shows a Maine Coon.

Tuvalu 2019

In 2019, the 500th Anniversary of the death of Leonardo Da Vinci, the Inter-Governmental Philatelic Corporation orchestrated a miniOmnibus celebrating Da Vinci’s many talents. Tuvalu chose to produce a stamp sheet that included three Da Vinci drawings of cats.

Romania 2020

A great set from Romania with a ball of wool theme in 2020 had six stamps showing five cat breeds: Persian, Siamese, British Shorthair, Bengal, British Shorthair (Blue) and a Sphynx.

Slovenia 2020

Slovenia produced cat stamps in 2020, one of which depicted a Maine Coon – one of the largest domestic cat breeds.

Liberia 2020

Persian, American Shorthair, Sphynx, Turkish Angora, Bengali and Somali cat breeds on 2020 Liberia stamps.

Russia 2020

These 2020 Russian stamps present images of the following breeds: Neva Masquerade (Siberian), Kurilian Bobtail, Ural Rex and Don Sphynx (or Russian Hairless). 

Monaco 2021

The stamp produced by Monaco (above), shows the breed of cat known as Maine Coon. Issued in recognition of the annual Monaco International Cat Show.

Slovakia 2021

Slovakia 2020 Postage Stamp Day item here featuring two kittens was issued to commemorate the body of work created by Vladimír Machaj (1929-2016), painter, graphic artist and acclaimed illustrator, especially of children’s books and fairy tales.

Croatia 2021

Croatia “Children’s World” 2021 stamps depict four cat breeds with descriptively relevant images. The top pair are the Bombay Cat and the Bengal Cat with, below, the Egyptian Mau and the Norwegian Forest Cat.

Cyprus 2021

Kittens are featured on these 2021 Cyprus cat stamps.


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