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Stamp Errors Part 12 – The Clock Strikes Six Twice


Take a close look at these USSR stamps, issued in December 1984 for the New Year celebrations, which depict Moscow’s Spasskaya Tower. The tower’s clock reads ‘5 before 12’, but the stamp’s designer made a mistake by showing six o’clock on the dial twice!

The Roman numeral ‘VI’ is shown twice – once in the correct place and once instead of the ‘IV’ as can be seen if you zoom in on the dial of the clock.

USSR 1974

The Spasskaya Tower and its clock are not only the symbols of the Kremlin, but also of New Year’s celebrations. Below is a small selection of stamps that feature the tower and at the bottom of the article is a link to a website that provides interesting facts concerning the history of the building.

USSR 1978
USSR 1986
USSR 1982
USSR 1959
USSR 1948

Here’s the link to the ‘Russia Beyond’ article: https://www.rbth.com/history/331471-spasskaya-tower-kremlin


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