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Azure WindowThe power of nature should never be underestimated! What was once a major tourist attraction on Malta’s island of Gozo was recently destroyed by a violent storm that hit the islands. Known as the ‘Azure Window’, see photo , a Maltese Environment Commission stated that the collapse of the Azure Window was part of a natural process that was expected, “The question has always been ‘when’ not ‘if’ it would not fall”.


In 2010 Malta issued the stamp set below which featured the Azure Window (top left) and its other natural island structures.

The Azure Window, a photograph from 1879

But not very far from this site on Gozo a similar structure still exists.

The Wied il-Mielaħ Arch has seen a great increase in the amount of tourists visiting the site since the collapse of the Azure Window and local councillors are busy investigating what measures should be taken to protect and preserve it.


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