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Adventurous new issue

Alice in Wonderland stamps Royal Mail 2015

Alice in Wonderland stampsOne hundred and fifty years ago Lewis Carroll’s classic book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was published. To celebrate this fact Royal Mail will issue on January 6 a ten-stamp sheet depicting the adventures of Alice re-animated by illustrator Grahame Baker-Smith.

The Stamps

Alice in Wonderland stamps Royal Mail 2015

On the stamps are the unforgettable characters, such as White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, and of course Alice herself. The stamps are set in an unusual way on the sheet, with a mix of values: The White Rabbit (2nd), Down the Rabbit Hole (2nd), Drink Me (1st), The White Rabbit’s House (1st), The Cheshire Cat (81p), A Mad Tea-Party (81p), The Queen of Hearts (1.28 pounds), The Game of Croquet (1.28 pounds), Alice’s Evidence (1.47 pounds) and A Pack of Cards (1.47 pounds).

stamp block maladives alice in wonderland

Alice in Wonderland, issued by the Maldives in 1980 …..

Stampsheet Grenada Alice in wonderland.

… and this from Grenada, with scenes from the Disney-animated film, issued in 1987.

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