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Great Britain Christmas 2014 Miniature Sheet

Great Britain Christmas Stamps 2014

christmas stamp Great Britain 2014Issued in November, this festive miniature stamp sheet issued by Great Britain features stamps on a snowy background, illustrated by Andrew Bannecker. Notably, this is the first miniature sheet to feature a tear-off barcode strip, which you can either retain or easily remove.

Great Britain Christmas sheet

Great Britain Christmas Stamps 2014

The first shows a father and his son (son and daughter in the Large version) making their way home in the snow having picked up their Christmas.

On the second a robin sits on top of a post box, watching as two children (accompanied by another child in the Large version) pop in their Christmas cards.

The third depicts a newly-built snowman, sporting a carrot nose and hat and scarf in traditional red and green Christmas colours, with a boy completing the construction by adding a twig arm.

Then there is carol singing – a family sing a festive song as the snow tumbles gently down.

In the final stamp, a mother and daughter skate together hand in hand on a frozen pond with a suitably festive backdrop of pine trees.

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