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Here is a very small selection from the hundreds of stamps added daily to PostBeeld’s vast stock. For a better insight you are welcome to visit the company’s websites.

Botswana 2001

In 2001 this beautiful stamp sheet was produced by Botswana. It is one of Botswana’s “Wetlands” stamp series.

Latvia 1936

Above stamps from Latvia (1936) with portraits of famous Latvian poets and authors. From left to right are poet Atis Kronvalds, poet Andrejs Pumpurs, author Juris Maters and author and journalist Mikelis Krogzemis.

Estonia 1924

This Estonia stamp from 1924 shows a map of the country one year after it gained independence. In 1924 there was a failed coup d’etat by communist party supporters.

Ireland 2022

This Ireland 2022 stamp issue featured atmospheric photographs of four leading Irish singer/songwriters who have performed on the Pyramid and Acoustic Stages at the famous Glastonbury Music and Arts Festival. The featured artistes are Christy Moore, Sinéad O’Connor, Lisa Hannigan and Andrew Hozier Byrne (Hozier).

Jersey 1984

This wonderfully-illustrated stamp set from Jersey in 1984 featured various famous lifeboats that, via their heroic crews, saved the lives of people in distress on the seas surrounding the Channel Island of Jersey. The stamps show left, top to bottom, a 1949 rescue of survivors from the ship “Maurice Georges” carried out by the lifeboat “Hearts of Oak”. Then another 9p stamp depicting the rowed lifeboat (can you imagine!) “Sarah Brooshoft”, close to the Demie de Pas lighthouse. The 12p shows the “Elizabeth Rippon”, a Watson-class lifeboat based at St Helier from 1948 until 1975, carrying out a rescue operation in 1949. It was the first British lifeboat with a covered deck cabin and aluminium alloy structure. Top and middle right you have again “Elizabeth Rippon” pictured saving the yacht Santa Maria in 1951 and then saving people in 1973. Finally there is the “Thomas James King”, named after an heroic former St Helier lifeboat coxswain. Built by Groves and Guttridge at Cowes on the Isle of Wight, she served in Jersey from 3 February 1975 until December 1989. It was launched 288 times and saved 155 lives.

Indonesia 2011

The year 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit and for the previous Rabbit year, 2011, Indonesia issued this beautiful celebratory special pack. Then below, also from Indonesia in 2011 a gorgeous set featuring traditional Indonesian textile patterns.

Indonesia 2011
Jordan 1989

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan produced the above stamps to commemorate the Festival of the Arabian Horse in 1989.


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