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PostBeeld continues daily to add hundreds of new stamps to its vast stock, hopefully with many items of interest to its customer base. Here is a small selection:

Vanuatu 1999

Vanuatu, the independent island group in the South Pacific Ocean, issued this fine set if birds native to the islands in 1999. From left to right you have the Vanuatu Kingfisher, Shining Cuckoo, Peregrine Falcon and the Rainbow Lorikeet.

Spain 1967-1971

The Spanish stamp series above, spanning a four-year period from 1967-1971, is not that easy to come by as a complete set nowadays. The stamps feature Spanish provincial costumes, with the names of the provinces in the top-right corner of the stamps.

China 2010

Depicted on the above set from China in 2010 is “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains”, considered one of the greatest surviving masterpieces by the Chinese artist Huang Gongwang (1269-1354). Seven years before his death he moved to the Fuchun Mountains (southwest of Hangzhou, on the northern bank of the Fuchun River). There he made a number of landscape paintings, among them Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains.

Portugal 2009

One of many Portuguese stamps added to stock is this, showing Luiz Villas-Boas (1924-1999), one of the main promoters of jazz in Portugal, and one of the founders of the “Hot Club de Portugal”, the first jazz club in the country, on March 19, 1948. He was also a record producer and a TV and radio show host.

Portugal 2008

Also from Portugal a set produced in 2008 to celebrate 100 years of demarcated wine regions in that country.

Spain 2019

This wonderful stamp sheet from Spain shows a portrait of, and a stamp designed by, Spanish artist and stamp designer Mariano Bertuchi Nieto (1884-1955). 

Saudi Arabia 1960

To celebrate the launch of wireless telecommunications, Saudi Arabia issued the three stamps above in 1960.

Vietnam 1969

A chilling reminder of the Vietnam War with these stamps from South Vietnam. It’s almost beyond belief to think that approximately 549,000 American troops were deployed in Vietnam in 1969.

I accept that I often end ‘Recently Added to Stock’ articles with advice to visit PostBeeld’s webshop and its freestampcatalogue.com section, but these articles feature just a fraction of the often amazingly interesting items that have been added to the catalogue.


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