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Below you see a 4-value commemorative issue from Switzerland in 1959 was topic-mixed. The 5c stamp was issued to mark the opening in July of that year, of the new Transport Museum in Lucerne. Among other interesting examples of early vehicles to be seen there is one of the old postal coaches which operated in Switzerland until 1920. The 10c was issued for NABAG, the National Philatelic Exhibition, held at St. Gallen. The stamp depicts the arms of the Canton of St. Gallen, a lictor’s symbol, and a posthorn.

Follow this link for a nice website concerning the Swiss Postbus service.

Once again a miniature sheet was issued in connection with NABAG, incorporating the same design as the 10c stamp in 10 & 20c values, but in seven different colours.

The 20c stamp was connected with a campaign for the Protection of Wildlife. With an increase in the rate for foreign mail, the 40c stamp was replaced by a 50c value, and this commemorates the 400th Anniversary of the Foundation of the University of Geneva in 1559. The stamp shows Jean Calvin, the French theologian and reformer, and the first Rector, Théodore de Bèze, a follower of Calvin.


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