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The History of Stamp Collecting Part 37 – Jacqueline Caurat


In the late 1970s a fascinating series of articles written by Mr. K. Kouwenberg about the history of Stamp Collecting, appeared in the Dutch magazine Philatelie. This series has been the source of inspiration for PostBeeld owner Rob Smit to rewrite the history of stamp collecting in instalments. This is Part 36 – Jacqueline Caurat.

For most Dutch people, not only stamp collectors, a bell will ring when they ear the name Jacqueline Caurat. For French people, in particular French stamp collectors over fifty years of age, it has probably played a major role. The Télé Philatélie programme was broadcast in France on TF1 for no less than 22 years (from 1961 to 1983). It was a widely-viewed television programme about philately and undoubtedly a source of inspiration for many collectors.

Jacqueline Caurat presented the programme for 22 years, sometimes assisted by co-presenter Lucien Berthelot. The programme’s popularity ensured that she is inextricably linked to philately in France. In those 22 years she brought many different aspects of philately into the living room. All of the programmes were produced by her husband Jacques Mancier.

In the broadcasts, collectors and designers were interviewed, including famous people such as Prince Rainier of Monaco. Exhibitions were visited, the famous collection of the English royal family was shown. Special items (e.g the Swedish yellow Treskilling were shown) and new stamp issues from various countries were discussed. Look here for an interview with Jacqueline Caurat and with images from her interview with Jean Cocteau about his design for new Marianne stamps.

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