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Ferrovia Rimini–San Marino

San Marino 2018

The Ferrovia Rimini-San Marino was an electrified narrow gauge railway that connected Rimini in Italy to the tiny Republic of San Marino. The line was opened in 1932 after four years of construction work. It was originally 32 kilometers long, 19 km. of which were in the territory of San Marino. The train would depart from Rimini at 3 meters above sea level and reach the last station at an altitude of 642.8m, passing through four stations and five stops.  

The line was built by the Societe Anonima delle Ferrovie e Tramvie Padane, with 12 tunnels and 6 major bridges but was closed in 1944 after Allied bombing in World War II.

Four stamp values were issued by San Marino in 1932 to commemorate the opening of the line.

San Marino 1932

An 800-meter-long segment of the line within the Republic of San Marino, including the Montale tunnel, was re-opened in 2012 and a stamp was issued that year to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the railway’s construction. The service is provided by a single rebuilt carriage. An extension of the line to make a connection with the cable car in Borgo Maggiore (San Marino’s second city) is planned, in which case the rebuilt segment of the line would reach 4 km. in length.

San Marino 2012

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