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Minsk Tractor Works in Belarus was founded on May 29, 1946 and has developed into one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery worldwide, employing more than 17,000 people. In 1972 its millionth tractor rolled off the production line.

The company played an important role in the rebuilding of the countries within the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) after the Second World War and today exports its products worldwide. The stamps at the top of the story are from a stamp sheet issued in 1997 and show four tractors produced by the company over the years. The first-ever model from the factory is featured on the 4400 Rouble stamp bottom left. Other models on the sheet seen below are the 3300(R) Tractor Belarus-1221, 7500(R) Tractor Belarus-680 and the 7500(R) Tractor Belarus-952.

On the 1998 stamp sheet below we have on the 1400(R) stamp the Dump-truck MAZ-205 from 1947, 2000(R) Dump-truck MAZ-503B built 1968, 3000(R) Dump-truck MAZ-5549 made in 1977, 4400(R) Dump-truck MAZ-5551 from 1985 and on the 7500(R) stamp Dump-truck MAZ-5516 built 1994. Also in the sheet is the old company logo.

Minsk Tractor Works also produces heavy-duty truck for the mining industry and shown on the 50th anniversary stamp sheet above are the following models: 1500(R) Loader BelAZ-7821, 3200(R) Quarry’s dump-truck BelAZ-75131, 3800(R) Quarry dump-truck BelAZ-75303, 5300(R) Quarry dump-truck BelAZ-75483 and 8600(R) Quarry dump-truck BelAZ-7555. This sheet was issued in 1998.

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