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Manx and the Speed Kings – Part Two, Irish Winners


In the above photo (acc. Agljones) is Irishman Michael Dunlop (see at bottom of article), and continuing with the theme of the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy motorcycle races, the four riders shown on the stamps issued by Ireland in 1996 were all born on the Emerald Isle. The 32c stamp features 10-time TT race winner Stanley Woods (1903-1993), while the 44c stamp shows Artie Bell (1914-1972) winner of two TTs. His promising career was cut short after a heavy accident in the 1950 Belgian Grand Prix.

On the 50c stamp is Alec Bennett (1897-1973), a five-race winner between 1922 and 1928. The stamp bottom right has brothers Robert (1960-2008), also winner of five TTs, and the great Joey Dunlop (1952-2000) – who is the record holder for the amount of Tourist Trophy race wins (26). Both were killed as a result of accidents whilst racing. Tragically, William Dunlop (son of previously mentioned Robert) also sustained fatal injuries as a result of a crash during practice at a motorcycle race meeting in Ireland in 2018.

Robert and Joey Dunlop featured on this 1996 Irish stamp sheet also showing a map of the Isle of Man and an outline of the TT race course. on the right is the trophy presented to winners.
The Dunlop racing dynasty continues today with Robert Dunlop’s other son Michael who, with 18 wins to his name, is rapidly chasing down his uncle Joey’s record of 26 TT wins.


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