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So Many New Additions to PostBeeld’s Stock


Stamp ChinaPostBeeld owner Rob Smit is constantly busy seeking out opportunities to add stamps to the enormously varied stock held at the four PostBeeld stores dotted around Holland.
Always on the lookout to buy-in interesting collections at auction houses or directly from people wishing to sell, he fervently strives to provide what his customers might be looking for.The perfect reason for you, as a potential customer, to regularly take a look at the postbeeld.com website – where you can also access the aptly named and freely-provided freestampcatalogue.
Some examples of recently added items:

1956 Cambodia, Coronation of King Norodom Suramarit and Queen Kossamak.

1957 Cambodia Air Mail definitives, and below, stamp sheet.


American Gospel Singers set from 1998 and 1995 U.S. Civil War sheet below.

Below, 2010 Aland – Passenger Ferries.
1969 Japan, UPU Congress.
Below, 1963 China, Landscapes.
I hope that when you next visit PostBeeld’s website you find something of interest. But please be aware that stock is constantly changing.


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